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Twisted Twelve


Image of Twisted Twelve
  • Image of Twisted Twelve
  • Image of Twisted Twelve
  • Image of Twisted Twelve
  • Image of Twisted Twelve

This clock is a one-off. It will be the only one ever created of this design.

“Twisted Twelve” appears to be grown, not machined. Every inch of brass is twisting and curling around itself with an organic life of its own. The delicately sculpted gear-train is on display right in the center of the clock, moving with every heartbeat. The roman numeral XII is detached from the clock face, suspended only by the vine-like brass that flows up the left side of the dial.

All of the components in this timepiece were cut and sculpted from scratch. The dial is made of weathered and oil-treated kitikata rice-paper. The spelled out numbers at the perimeter of the dial are painted with oil-paint.

Dimensions: 14” wide x 42” tall x 9” deep. Height does not include pendulum or weight.

Technical information:
“Twisted Twelve” has a weight-driven mechanical movement with an accurate dead-beat escapement. The pendulum swings with a 1/2 second beat. The weight that powers the movement is accompanied by a maintaining-power assembly. This allows the clock to continue ticking during the winding process, so that it doesn’t miss a beat. This is an 8-day clock, which is indented to be wound once-per-week.

Delivery is included in the cost. If you live in the U.S. I can arrange to personally set the piece up for you, and answer any questions you may have about care and maintenance. Clear and detailed instructions will be provided to accommodate recipients outside of the U.S. and those who prefer to set the piece up themselves.

ATTENTION - While it is possible to purchase this piece here through paypal, it’s preferable that you contact me to set up a payment method more suitable for large transactions.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you’re going to be in the Detroit area & would like to see the piece in person, I’d be happy to set up a viewing at my studio.

Thank you!